Moroccan tile seamless texturedMoroccan tile seamless textured

When property owners want to update a room, they often want to change the furniture, update the paint colors on the walls, or change the window treatments. However, one of the best ways to refresh a room only involves making a single change: updating the flooring. 

Patterned Flooring is Always a Winner

Functionality meets eye candy in the chevron floor design. This design is named for the bones of the herring fish, and it lends a classic, sophisticated air wherever it is used. Ideal for every room, from the entryway to make a great first impression to one of the busiest rooms in the home: the kitchen. There are specialty cut boards to make the self-installation easy, or wood-look porcelain tiles are available for use in high-traffic areas that need more frequent cleaning. 

Textured Flooring Continues to Be On-Point 

The trend for glossy, high shine flooring seems to be waning, and the marketing is tipping towards roughened, matte surfaces that add definition to the tile or floorboards. This lends a comfortable, almost bordering on rustic look to the flooring. 

Reclaimed Wood is Here to Stay

One way homeowners can get species of wood for floorboards that are no longer available in the marketplace is through reclaimed wood. Another option is the faux reclaimed trend that uses wood-look floors to deliver high-quality engineered floorboards and tiles. This allows homeowners to use now-restricted wood species such as Anigre, Ipe, and Cocobolo through reclaimed boards or manufactured boards with the look and texture of these wood species. 

Two-Tone Flooring 

The use of lighter and darker tones in flooring is hardly new, but the benefit of two-tone allows homeowners to create an accent in their room from a single, uniform flooring color. For example, black and white tiles create a classic art deco look, melding seamlessly into most decor styles. Two-tone floor tiles can wake up an otherwise boring entryway or hallway. 

Floral Prints on Tile

The classic beauty of flowers is not just for wallpaper; waterjet marble tiles with floral prints can bring a gorgeous look to floors. The tiles are durable and have slip-resistant qualities making them ideal for adding a touch of nature to home areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. 

Texture with Terrazzo

These types of porcelain tiles have texture as well as style. There are many ways to utilize these unique tiles, as they can be put down in many patterns or used as a mosaic for a unique look. 

Texture, color, nature, and eco-friendly are all options to upgrade the look of your home through the use of new flooring. Use these ideas to create a look and feel that is uniquely you.