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You might not realize how much work and effort goes into choosing the right flooring material for the room. It is only when you are in a space where the flooring seems unevenly paired with the rest of the fixtures in the house that you fully appreciate how important the choice of flooring materials and styles are. Like every other aspect of modern construction, trends change every year regarding the latest structural elements and aesthetics.

Choosing the right flooring material for your remodel project or new construction is more than simply selecting the most popular flooring style of the particular year. 2022 is tracking several growing trends in home renovations, which relate to changing or upgrading flooring materials. These choices you can make are based on several variables, including:

  • Budget
  • Style
  • Space
  • Installation
  • Upkeep

Sustainable Flooring

Environmentally conscious homeowners are more aware of sustainable flooring materials than ever before. Bamboo is among the leading materials in this effort, and it is highly sustainable, more robust than many hardwoods, and as easy to install as other plank flooring options. Recycled materials are also famous for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment for their remodeling projects.

Patterns ‘a Plenty

Patterns for a way to take beautiful flooring materials and create something even more intricate and attractive. Several floor layouts can appeal to homeowners, most of which depend on the chosen material. These can include:

  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
  • Diamond-patterned
  • Checkerboard

White Oak and Hardwood

There has never been a drop-off in the popularity of hardwood floors. While exotic options have begun to uptrend, there is also an increase in natural hardwoods like domestic white oak. These plank floors are lighter, making them an excellent accent to brighter rooms and white walls.

Oversized Planks

Many experts in the renovation and remodeling fields have determined that plank installation is one of the growing style options for modern homes. From luxury vinyl to hardwood, oversized planks are a unique and attractive take on this staple of modern flooring. Best of all, many of these types of floors feature easy-to-install pieces, making them appealing to DIY renovators.

Neutral and Natural Tones 

While there are many ways that bright and vibrant colors can find their way into different areas of your home and its decor, neutral and natural tones are starting to become a more significant trend in house remodeling projects, this is especially true for types of flooring materials, as natural stone and wood accents are warm, attractive, and provide a timeless look and feel to your property despite other modern amenities that might be around it.

Carpet Tiles 

The trend of carpet tiles is increasing based on the ease of function and the high degree of versatility available. An endless supply of design patterns and an assortment of individual tiles is possible, allowing you to avoid the often-steep commitment of traditional wall-to-wall carpet installation and choose a user-friendly installation system instead. Another advantage of choosing this style is removing a single tile and cleaning it rather than paying for expensive bonnet cleaning services.

Choosing The Right Floor for the Space

As stated above, multiple variables play a part in choosing the appropriate flooring for your new project. Not all flooring materials described in this article can or should be installed in specific spaces of your home. It would be best if you determined based on available size, style, and complementing features around the floor what works best.