Cropped photo of a child's legs in pyjamas standing barefoot on the wooden herringbone flooring.

Staying up to date when you are building something new or extending or renovating an old structure is essential. With each New Year comes different flooring trends. For something stylish to finish your floors in 2024, the information below provided by various international flooring experts is critical in getting you suitable flooring solutions.

Even as you check the trends, you should remember the role flooring plays in influencing the final look of your property and its practicability once installed. Therefore, your choice of a material, pattern, or color must factor in practicality. Another crucial tip when exploring flooring trends is to get a general overview of what is available, which makes it easier to narrow down your options.

Expert Input on the Hottest International Flooring Trends for 2024

Many expert opinions leaned towards connecting with nature through materials and colors. Sustainable products facilitating people’s well-being and durable options that limit repair costs also rank high. Top options can be categorized differently based on looks, sentimental value, and their long-term implications.

Visually Driven Flooring Trends

  • A lighter touch with paler shades 
  • Warmer-toned floors for a cozy feel
  • Character and texture incorporation
  • Matt finishes instead of gloss
  • Earthy tones that connect with nature
  • Combination flooring to create interest

In 2024, there is a shift towards paler shades, with clients preferring light wood flooring for a casual and versatile base. Warmer tones are also in the range for their welcoming feel. Beige or terracotta tiles particularly provide a warm tone. Earthy tones, on the other hand, make the property feel more connected to the outside world, with mushrooms and warm browns being a preferred choice. 

Create Sentimental Value with These 2024 Flooring Trends

  • English eccentric look
  • Supersized wooden floors
  • Checks and stripes
  • The age-old herringbone
  • Vintage designs to inject heritage
  • Refined antique shades

Giving your home old-school charm is a great accomplishment, and the English Eccentric look, also known as the Saltburn Style, is a great way to do so. It fits in well with Maximalism, a look that wide, oversized wood planks can also deliver. If you feel nostalgic about traditional designs, a checkerboard floor, especially in the bathroom, can do the trick. You can avoid the standard black-and-white colors, though. 

Flooring Trends for a Long-Term Surface

  • Prioritizing sustainability 
  • Durable options like vinyl
  • Marble finishes for a luxé look
  • Exposed elements and natural textures 

If your goal is finding an eco-friendly solution and reducing your carbon footprint, you can opt for sustainable materials such as cork. A durable option can also satisfy your eco-friendly needs. Textile-backed vinyls are one such option for 2024 flooring trends. Marble is not only long-lasting but also offers a luxurious look and can provide striking designs, especially if one opts for onyx effect tiles, which are available in a variety of colors. 

With so many options to choose from, it is hard to miss what you desire from the changing flooring trends in 2024. It is also easy to meet external factors like cost-effectiveness and Eco-friendliness.