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As you set out to change your floors, it helps to know what flooring trends are saying. The advent of new materials and designs can make it hard to decide what works for you, but understanding the benefits of each type of floor you consider can help you make a decision. Luckily, virtually everyone can find an option that works at the price point and style they wish, so the options are many.

Hardwood Floors 

With the goal of finding unique elements for your home, hardwood also becomes a one-of-a-kind when you highlight natural details and imperfections. Hardwood floors’ character and lived-in look add warmth to your home, and they can be achieved with a wire brush or hand scraping. The texture of exposed wood makes it appear handcrafted and unique. Bleached hardwood floors can help give an ashy color to the planks if you are looking for lighter tones. Blanched and bleached floors retain their natural beauty despite the chemical treatment.

Vinyl and Laminates are Back in Fashion

Luxury vinyl offerings are taking the flooring market by storm. The resiliency of vinyl floors is indisputable, but older designs were bland and old-fashioned. Today, vinyl planks mimic marble, wood, and other natural materials while requiring minimal maintenance and offering high durability. 

Laminate and engineered wood floors also offer a durable alternative. If you have pets or high-traffic areas, you can still harness natural features in laminate materials. Known for being waterproof and scratch resistant, they are both great alternatives to create the look you want with minimal maintenance.

Cooler Colors Work with Many Styles

That crisp and clean look doesn’t have to look sterile. Shades of white and wood and wood-like materials can give the breezier and almost coastal look many homeowners desire. Other cool tones like gray and blue also give a sense of open space and are increasingly popular. Whether you prefer a rustic look or a more contemporary design, lighter floors can work for you and become a suitable background for pops of color through area rugs or furniture.

Bold Colors and Prints Reflect Your Personality

Despite the trend to have cooler tones and whites govern your flooring, adding bold colors and geometric shapes breaks up their uniformity and reflect your personality. Combining patterns and textures gives each room a pop and even an element of surprise to make it like no other space. Tiles and rugs can help you achieve the look you want while allowing you to update in the future with minimal disruption.

The floors in your house tie everything together and give the visitor a glimpse of your preferences and personality. Find the material and look that suits your lifestyle and personality and make it work for you.