Affordable, practical flooring is the name of the game for kitchens when taking a look at up-and-coming 2023 flooring trends. For example, engineered and hardwood flooring is great for aesthetics, but you can actually get similar, if not better, longevity from quality porcelain. The latest technology allows manufactured flooring materials to look just like familiar materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, and marble.

Let’s dive into some of the hottest floorings kicking up a buzz right now for kitchen installations:

  • Reclaimed Wood – Bringing the great outdoors inside is rising, with softer-toned reclaimed wood being an attractive option. Options include Douglas Fir in earthy brown or Heritage Oak in sandy brown, but the sky is the limit. Choices for this environmentally friendly and recyclable material seem endless once you start researching.
  • Porcelain with Wood or Concrete-Effect – Depending on your tastes, you can take porcelain to new heights with your choice of an effect to uplift your kitchen. Wood is always popular trend-wise, but you may be looking for alternatives. By the same token, concrete can be less practical for some homeowners, so you can go with porcelain for either – select the effect and coloration you desire.
  • Patterned Tiles – Any project that calls for fun or makes a statement is a perfect time to boost the personality of your kitchen with patterned tiles. Geometric shapes, boldly colored Mediterranean styles, and embossing are the ultimate way to add some intrigue to the space.
  • Vinyl – Hard Wearing, practical, and relatively inexpensive, vinyl is an old standby holding strong in the flooring world. Vinyl is cost-effective and durable, with more styles hitting the market in the coming year. This makes it a great time to think about putting vinyl flooring in your kitchen without worrying about a significant monetary investment. Considering the escape of water damage in the kitchen from plumbing or appliance issues only enhances the utility of vinyl flooring.

Of Note

Rather than focusing solely on stationary flooring installations, remember that runners are always a great option for changing up your look without breaking the bank. Yes, runners. Carpet runners. For the kitchen, you can securely affix your runner to the floor for safety while adding pops of color and comfort. Striped runners or unique patterns are suitable for adding visual interest to a floor. If you are tight on space, think of a Moroccan design with linear stripes to help give the room a more elongated appearance – perfect for a galley-style kitchen.

When selecting flooring for your upcoming kitchen upgrade, always consider how you use the space and whether you look to sell in the future. How you invest now could play a significant role in how you enjoy your kitchen in years to come or how you can cash in by making potential buyers happy. Either way, you have plenty of attractive flooring options to bring you through 2023 renovations.