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Knowing when to choose a new floor can ensure that these decisions are not long overdue. The deterioration of aging structural materials can create unsafe conditions for property owners and the house’s occupants. Appreciating modern trends allows you to make the practical choice to upgrade the flooring without compromising aesthetic appeal. This is especially true when removing old carpets and building back from the subflooring.

What Are Considerations for Choosing a New Floor? 

  • Cost – Not surprisingly, many homeowners base their decisions on the cost. High-end, premium flooring is not always worth the price for certain property owners.
  • Ease of Installation – While it is recommended to pursue professional installation of flooring materials, how quickly this can happen plays a part in the choice you make as well. Easy installation can ensure that you get back to normal more quickly and minimize the intrusion on your life.
  • Upkeep – Another one of the considerations for the type of flooring you ultimately choose is how complicated the maintenance and cleaning will be. Tough surface cleaning measures can become a deterrent for specific flooring types.

Choosing the right flooring is a matter of the look and how well a particular style complements the theme and design you hope to achieve. There are thousands of possible combinations of texture, color, and composition. Some of the most popular trends include:

  • Barn Board 

The rustic farmhouse theme is one of the most popular for modern remodels and new construction, so repurposed barn wood flooring is the pinnacle of this look to tie the theme together.

  • Natural Stone

Stone has a lot of interesting properties for a home, especially temperature retention. Not only does stone tile create a unique aesthetic, but it can also be desirable for its function. Natural stone can fit into almost any theme as colors and textures range considerably.

  • Parquet

In its simplest definition, parquet flooring is a series of block shapes creating a pattern as the flooring in a room. This is common for stages and auditoriums but can also have a place in residences and commercial applications when more intricate and involved flooring aesthetics are desired.

  • Large Tiles

Large porcelain, ceramic, and concrete tiles all have a place in the modern home. Often, these materials work best in rooms prone to moisture, like the bathroom and the kitchen.

  • Terrazzo

This style of flooring is growing in popularity because of its complex appearance. There are specific steps in placing these small tiles into the concrete base. The result is a completely unique pattern and design based on the placement of tile pieces before a sealing coat.

Professional Installation Saves Money

Despite sounding counterintuitive, it can often save homeowners time and money to pursue professional installation when considering changing the flooring material in their homes. Not only does this ensure the process is completed right the first time, but it can also often be done in a much timelier fashion to avoid disturbances to daily life and interruptions of your routine.

No matter why you decide to change up the flooring in your home, there are several options you can choose from. Professional installers can help create an attractive final product.