wooden parquet in herringbone design. the image is very sharp into all corners. MORE RELATED IMAGES HERE:

When you spend the time to pick out the wood flooring type you want to use in your home. You are not limited to a single installation method. The use of patterned wood, which means laying the flooring in a specific configuration, is becoming more common as a tactic to lend some individuality to an interior decor design. 

Instead of laying each board side by side,  the wood pieces get laid in a predetermined design ranging from triangular chevrons, smaller pieces forming larger squares or the use of a tiered herringbone; patterned floor designs are here to stay. 

Special Considerations

If you choose to put a pattern on your floor, the placement of furnishings needs careful planning as a floor design can dictate the areas where the furniture goes and the general flow of the room. Even though the same wood grains may get chosen for use in different places, the use of patterns when laying the boards can change the space’s overall look and feel. 

Most Popular Flooring Patterns 

The first pattern-type is the most commonly installed in residential and commercial properties. 

The Straight Pattern has the boards lying parallel to each other side-by-side per the room’s length or width. It allows the wood grain to enhance the room’s look and is one of the most straightforward flooring styles to install and one of the most cost-effective because of the extra time and wood needed to create specific designs. 


This stylized wood flooring pattern relies on a mixture of boards in different lengths and widths installed side by side. The use of various board sizes allows consumers to create a look that is unique to their space. 

Diagonal Board Pattern

Property owners looking to add flow to their design can use boards installed diagonally at a 45-degree angle to the walls. This creates the impression of movement and is a great way to transition from one room to another.

Parquet Flooring Pattern

The wood floor planks get installed in a geometric pattern that repeats throughout the room, to create a parquet installation. One of the most commonly seen designs is checkerboard. This type of flooring adds a sophisticated touch to any decor. 

Herringbone Flooring Pattern

When choosing this flooring style,, it is one of the most expensive due to the amount of wood needed to create the look, but it carries one of the most impactful looks. Thin hardwood floor strips get laid in a diagonal zigzag pattern that repeats. If laying out an entire room seems too one-note, some property owners choose to have the herringbone flooring installed in smaller squares, covering the whole of the room. 

Additional Touches 

No matter which pattern you ultimately choose, numerous additions can get added to top off your wood flooring. Moldings, mosaic medallions, and furnishings with touches like glass or natural stone elements can work to meld seamlessly with the flooring style and remain a classic look for years to come.